Garage Door Spring Replacement Process

Today you're going to learn how to replace your own garage door torsion springs. You'll see the process by the example of this particular case. This door has a broken spring that we'll show you right here: the spring ceparated in two pieces. And first we're gonna walk you through some basic steps some doings and don'ts.

spring separated into two parts

The first thing we're going to do in the process of your garage door spring replacement is unplug the garage door opener.

The next thing is disconnect the door from the opener by pulling the operator emergency release.

So no chance that the door's accidentally been opened.

When you're going to inquire of new springs you need to know what's the size of the door. It doesn't have to be exact, within an inch basicly. We're gonna run a tape measure across the door, half feet point is eight, we're gonna end up with the 16 feet wide door. Then we're gonna measure the height of the door. In this case the door is 84 inches or 7 feet tall. So we have a 16x7 door.

The next thing we need to know is what the construction of the door is. In this case it's the wood panel door, it's eight panels across, it's four sections tall, it has a raw of glass. This is all information about the door that helpful for you to have when you're going to acquire your new garage door springs.

you should measure your spring

For proper garage door spring replacement we're gonna measure our springs. Let's measure the broken spring first. One piece is eight and a quarter inches. And another one is sixteen and half inches. So basicly it's a 24 and 3/4, or round it up to, it's a 25 inch long spring.

The next thing we have to know about this spring is the inside diameter of the spring. This perticular spring happens to be 2 inches of diameter. I can also look at the spring hold right here and in the casting it says that it is A2.0S and that means that it is two inches inside diameter spring.

And the most important part: we need to determine a wire size of the spring. Most of you in home aren't gonna have a spring gage like I do, so we're gonna using a tape measure. You're gonna start out of 2 inch mark. Don't start out of the end of the tape because it won't be accurate. I'm gonna measure ten coils and then twenty coils. This spring comes out to 2 and 3/8, which means 0.234 spring wire. I have 2 inch inside diameter spring, 25 inches long, and the wire size is 0.234 of an inch. That's the most important part because one size up or one size down - and your door won't work properly.

Then we gonna measure the spring that's not broken. Now there's some things that you need to be aware of. First of all, spring when it's whirled is under heavy torque. It's very powerful. It's very dangerous. So we're gonna work with spring with caution because this spring is still whirled. The first thing - measure the width of the spring. And this particular spring comes up to 27 inches. But this spring is whirled. And whenever you whirl a spring, it's always measures longer then what it actually is. So essentially that spring, that measures 27, is right about 25 inch spring. I'm gonna mearure 10 coils, and probably it's the same size spring, but not always. But this is a same size spring.

Now, we need a pair 0.234 wire 2 inch ID 25 inch long springs. And, we need a right hand spring and a left hand srping.

Left hand spring you also notice at the end of it, this isn't always accurate, but it's marked in black. Now let's look at the right hand spring. If you look at it, it goes clockwise, and it's also red on the end.

Typically, on most garage doors, if you're standing inside the garage like we are right now, when we look facing out towards to the street, the right hand spring actually mounts the left side of the door.

Let's take our next step. We going to disassemble the garage door springs. This is the most laborious part of the garage door spring replacement process. Before we do that, there's some tools that we're gonna need. You're gonna need a 3/8 wrench, half inch wrench, 7/16 wrench, 9/16 wrench, and possibly a 9/16 socket or adjustable wrench.

Usually the set screws on the springs are 3/8 or 7/16. That's the most common size 3/8. We're going to unload detention from the spring that's not broken. And we wanna do this in safe manner, so first of all you'd like to have a pair of safety goggles, you wanna have those just in case protect the eyes.

necessary tool wining bars

The most important tool we need today is wining bars. And these are the bars that we going to insert into the holes of the spring to unwine the spring safely and to rewine a new spring safely. You need to make sure the bars have proper size.

All further instructions on the process of garage door spring replacement you'll find in HABPRO videos below.

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