How to reset your garage door opener

How to erase all the old codes out of your garage door opener and make sure that no one has access into your home?

wires come from sensors to the monitor

This is the procedure you wanna follow to reset garage door opener codes. Look at the wires come from the safety eyes (sensors), they go all the way back into your garage door opener.

open the lamp's cover

After you found the opener, open the lamp's cover by sliding it down. Now you can look for a button (called "smart button" or "learn button"), typically purple or red.

learn button

Now let's consider your garage door opener remote. Press the button - we can see it opens and closes the door so it's presently working. What we want to do first to reset garage door opener is to erase the code out of this particular device.

And the way we do that is we follow the arrow for the learn button. We push it and hold it in. You'll see a little LED lighted on. You should hold the button down until the LED light goes out. It's typically five seconds. As soon as the light goes out you erased the code.

Push the button on your remote control. You'll see now the remote control does not work anymore. The garage door will not open or close with this remote. So we effectively erased every garage door code out of that garage door opener.

To complete resetting your garage door opener you need to reprogram the keypad and the remotes. Now, to reprogram the remote you push the learn button again till the LED light will come back on, then release the with the light on. Now when you push the button on your remote control the light will flash. And now you have reprogrammed your garage door opener remote. That's simple. If you want to do it a second time for different remote you follow the reprogram procedure.