Chamberlain 1/2 hp Belt Drive garage door opener installation

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garage door opener is ready to be installed

It's pretty amazing how everything you need to open and close the garage door can come in a single box. But here it all is. Motor assembly, tracks, the trolley, it's gonna open up and down the track, the belt that hold the trolley in place, and then the pulley on the other end to hold belt in place.

You can see everything on the table top, and Chamberlain garage door opener installation process really goes pretty quickly.

All we do now is take a rail and catch it to the motor unit. You need somebody to help you to lift the rail up from the other end.

hook up the belt to the trolley

Now let's catch the end of the belt to the trolley, thread it through the pulley on the end of the rail. We pull all the belt down to the unit and lap it around the motor sprocket, make sure we have the ribbed surface of the belt on the inside for the motor could pull the belt, and then we pull the belt back to the end of the rail and hook up to the trolley.

It's not just a little bit tricky operation. We take the spring mechanism and clip it to the belt. And now we activate the spring to get some good tension. Just like that.

We have to find the centerline of the door to place the equipment properly. After we found the vertical centerline, we extend to the header wall. Now we open the door, find the highest point it reaches and mark the place 2" above. Install the header bracket here. The header bracket might be also installed on a 2x4 (on wall or ceiling).

Ok, we got the header bracket attached to the header wall above the door. Then we hoist the unit up with the rail into place and then secure it to the bracket with the pin.

Now it's time to attach the opener to the ceiling. There must be a very strong connection to the ceiling, and the rail must be positioned horizontally.

Ones the unit attached you wanna hook up the protective system which is gonna keep the door from closing down on pets or children. So that's a very critical safety feature.

Now it's time to catch a trolley to the door. We use a couple of pieces - smaller curved arm gets attached to the door by using the door bracket and the straight arm attaching to the trolley and then we fasten them together whenever they meet.

Once Chamberlain garage door opener installation is finished and the opener is running there are few critical adjustments to set opening and closing limits, as well as the proper force. Just make sure that you really check the instructions from garage door opener manual on this step. Make sure everything's operating right and operating safely.


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