Your Craftsman Garage Door Opener Keypad

With a Craftsman garage door you can use your garage without keys, you have keypads. It provided additional security and convenience. You can place the keypads outside the garage, in your car or inside your house. Craftsman garage door opener keypad can be set and reset. Different keypads can hold different passcodes. Your garage door can be unlocked only by your passcodes, and you can reset your Craftsman garage door opener keypad only with access to the motor unit. It takes you not much time to reprogram keypad, and after that you can use it straightway.

Guidance to Reprogram the Keypad on a Craftsman Garage Door Opener

1. Find the "Learn" button on your garage motor unit inside your garage. It's situated on the rear side or the unit close to antenna. Push and drop that button. After that the system's red indicator light will start to flash for 30 seconds.

2. Inscribe preferable passcode on your keypad within those 30 seconds. Then you must push the "Enter" button on the keypad and hold it.

3. Bide the blinking of the light of your garage door motor, then drop the "Enter" button on the keypad.

Now the keypad is reset and reprogrammed.