What Batteries Do I Need For Craftsman Garage Door Opener

If you look for a backup battery for craftsman garage door opener - you better have your old battery. There are plenty of kinds of them. Most openers use 9 to 12 volt. But don't worry, if you try to apply a wrong battery, you could not put the wrong one in even if you wanted to.

Read the type of your backup battery off the old battery, then buy a new one and replace. How to charge or test your backup battery - you may read this.

A battery for craftsman garage door opener remoteA battery for craftsman garage door opener remote is usually CR2032. It is a button cell lithium battery rated at 3.0 volts. Also, it's used in plenty of small devices like calculators, watches and others. You cat use BR2032 battery instead. It has the same dimensions, a slightly lower nominal voltage and capacity, and an extended temperature range compared with the CR2032. If you use a BR2032 instead of a CR2032, this will not bring any damage for your equipment. In most cases a BR2032 will function properly.

These button lithium batteries for craftsman garage door opener remotes are made to last about five years. But nothing's eternal, and the time will come when you need to replace the battery in your remote. Notice that your remote may need to be reprogrammed after battery replacement.