Adjust Your Craftsman Garage Door Opener

The producer made it convenient for owners to adjust Craftsman Garage Door Opener if needed. You should check several settings just one time a year. It will help you considerably save you money. And of course, if you adjust your door opener, it prolongs the life of your unit.

1. Limits of Lifting and Lowering

Up and Down Limits AdjustmentTo adjust Craftsman garage door opener limits you should do the following. Open your garage door entirely, by pushing the control button on the wall; the lower section of the door must be at the header in the "full open" position. If it is too far back, the door cable can become misaligned. If it is not back far enough, you probably will not be able to get your vehicle in and out of the garage. Set a stepladder behind the motor of lifting mechanism. Find the screws regulating the limits of lifting and lowering on the left side of the motor housing. Ask your friend to stand near the control button on the wall. Insert a screwdriver into the slot for the "up limit" adjustment screw. Turn it clockwise to decrease the stroke of the door or counterclockwise to increase. Turn the screw smoothly, in small increments. Tell your assistant close the garage door with the wall button. Pay attention to the gap between the lower edge of the door and the floor, there should not be any light coming through. Adjust lower limit in the same way, with the help of screws if necessary. Run the door by pressing the wall buttons and check the result.


2. Traction Force of Up and Down Travel

Up Force and Down Force AdjustmentThen we have to adjust up and down force. Ask your friend to open the door with the wall control button. While the door is going up, grab the bottom section and apply the opposite force. It should cause stopping of the door. If your door doesn't stop, you have to adjust "up force" limit switch. Place a wooden log under the door while your garage door is open. Ask your assustant operate the door using the wall control button. When your Craftsman garage door comes in contact with the wood, the door should stop and then reverse. If it does not, you have to adjust your Craftsman garage door "down force" limit switch. Find the knobs fitting up and down force on the back of the opener motor. Adjust Craftsman garage door opener up and down force with the knobs in the same way the limits were adjusted in Step 1.


3. Chain - the last step of Craftsman garage door opener adjustment

Examine the chain on the door opener carefully. If it is too slack, it will slap around and could possibly slip off the main drive gear. If it is too tight, it could possibly set off the up and down force limits unnecessarily. Close the garage door by pressing the wall control button. Pull down on the emergency release rope to release the door from the door opener trolley. Find the adjustment bolt on the trolley. To adjust Craftsman garage door opener with regulating the chain, you will need 9/16-inch wrench to apply for moving the adjusting nuts. Tighten the chain by turning the rear adjustment nut counterclockwise and the front adjusting nut clockwise. To loosen the chain, reverse the procedure. Open the door opener fully after this operation of Craftsman garage door opener adjustment using the wall control button. Manually lift the garage door until it locks into position on the door opener trolley.


Make these three operation at least once a year.